January 29, 2007

Naked And Exposed

That's right, I said it, naked! Let's ask the question, if a tree without any leaf coverings, it's more of less for arguments sake, naked?

Believe it or not, this photo was taken well after the sun had set. It was completely dark outside with total cloud covering. I set the camera lens open for 15 seconds at f2.8, used the hood of my car as a tripod and over exposed the photo more than it needed to be. It brought out some very wicked colors for the photo in various areas and makes it look like it was taken in the daytime. The sky in the distance is lit up from the city lights.


Gerald (SK14) said...

Beautiful picture -- I woudn't have known it wasn't daylight if you hadn't said.

Olivier said...

waouhh. qu'elle magnifique photo. la composition est superbe

waouhh. that it splendid photograph. the composition is superb