February 4, 2007

Not Joe Cool

If you need more proof of how cold it is, check out a few local blogs reporting on the weather: Carol at St Paul Daily Photo and Chris at Minneapolis Daily Photo both reporting the temps around - 8 F degrees below zero.

Those two blogs are so dang close to me, just out of stone throwing distance, but they can relate to this photo....a 5th or 6th grader in my neighborhood has been waiting on the bus to bring him to school while CARRYING his winter jacket. Friday's temps when I took this photo was about 5 F degrees below zero. I'm not sure exactly where he lives, but he would look much cooler if he was wearing his coat instead of carrying it. He should take note that the other child IS wearing his coat because he is rather smart when it comes to how cold it is.

I'm thinking back when I was his age and can not recall doing something this dumb thank goodness.


Gerald (SK14) said...

Apparently it is cool among the youth of today to be seen to be oblivious to the cold -- the number of young ladies you see in UK cities at nights when temperatures hover around freezing point wearing only thin dresses or flaunting bare midriffs is amazing.

Priscilla said...

I live in upstate NY. Last week I drove my son to the middle school and saw a young girl walking to school. I kid you not that she was wearing capris and flip-flops! It was about 18F out with plenty of snow on the sidewalks!

This week we are getting the same cold snap you all have!