Round And Round

This merry go round is featured at the Maplewood Mall. It is $2.50 or perhaps $3.00 dollars now to ride.

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At 2/08/2007 12:39 AM, Blogger santy said...

wow! my daughther would love this! I love it too! especially with those bright lights :)

At 2/08/2007 11:46 AM, Blogger Olivier said...

ce carrousel est magnifique. j'adore les carrousels, celui du bryant park à NYC est superbe
Bravo pour la photo et les lumieres

this carrousel is splendid. I adore the carrousels, that of bryant park with NYC is superb Bravo for the photograph and the lights

At 2/08/2007 4:53 PM, Blogger Kate said...

You're still going to the mall, despite me chastizing you!! Check out my new Mazatlan blog!! PS. cool shot!

At 2/08/2007 9:22 PM, Blogger Ravenchase Junkie said...

Beautiful carousel. I don't think I've seen a double decked one. These things still hold a lot of magic for me. Still love to ride them.

At 2/08/2007 11:07 PM, Blogger Lavender Lady said...

it looks as though there are some happy riders. Nice photo.


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