Our House, In The Middle Of The Cornfield

Well, it once was a cornfield, but now sits a new neighborhood of houses. We toured a couple of models in this development recently. I really liked the view from the home we were in, but I didn't care for the two empty lots you see between me and the next house over. To the right is a rather busy street and that's not a good thing to my ears. I must admit, I did like the model homes we looked at.

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At 2/06/2007 8:55 PM, Blogger Denton said...

Congratulations on your new web address.

At 2/06/2007 8:56 PM, Blogger Denton said...

That heavy equipment would make a hell of a snow man.

At 2/06/2007 11:51 PM, Blogger slinger said...

Thanks Denton, I've been wanting to take that next step for a while now.

At 2/07/2007 11:15 AM, Blogger anu said...

Hi, is that where you really live? This would be a dream place to live even for Mumbai's celebrities.
Noted your new web address. Congrats.


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