February 14, 2007

The State Of Hockey

I've wanted to post this photo for quite some time now. I really hated how the photo turned out, but I only took one photo unfortunately. The flag was on display for the 2005-2006 Minnesota Wild hockey season the year after the year long strike season. The reason the flag was on display was the season ticket holders signed the flag as a thank you/welcome back to hockey or whatever you want to call it. The fans were in support and were ready to watch some hockey after the absence of an entire season. All of the strange marks on the white part of the flag are their signatures and not dirt marks. You can make out a couple of the larger signatures, but the rest are just washed out with the poor photo quality. The flag is no longer on display since the start of the 2006-2007 season and I took the photo shortly after the final game of the previous season ended. Thus I lost my chance to retake the photo.


isa said...

Well, I can tell you're a hockey fan, which growing up with the New York Islanders, I fully get.
What I don't get, however, is how can you kill a cactus? It is practically self-sustaining, ain't it ;-)))

Steve Cuddihy said...

Ya know, I really had no idea of the answer to your question, so I just wrote some crap [true crap] and hopefully it made a few smile when they read it.

The only thing we could figure out was the cactus was getting back at us for something we said to it.

Menogyn said...

Where would I buy a replica of that flag?