March 14, 2007

And The Winners Are....

Kate from St Paul Daily Photo left a comment yesterday, she posed the question, who has more fun? The mom's and dad's or the kids? She's right, I had a blast making this car with my son. My son created the design of the pinewood car. We brought the kit over to grandpa's, because let's face it, he had the correct tools for the job. Plus he helped me make three or four pinewood derby cars when I was my sons age [thank you very much]. I then painted the car and fine tuned the wheels as best as I could.

Racing day, watching the joy my son got as his car was clocking some very fast times race after race. My son/grandpa/me took home the third place trophy in the 'cub division' and we advance to the district pinewood derby race in April.

The boys in the photo were the winners, five in the 'cub division' [top row], five in the 'tiger division' [bottom row].


Kate said...

Okay, another question--which one of these handsome young men is yours. Not fair to post without identifying him. Congratulations to each and every one of those boys.

Deb said...

I remember winning my very first trophy-a very proud day.
Looks like your photo captured a whole group of rightfully-proud scouts!