March 31, 2007

Take A Closer Look

Click Here For A Closer Look I had taken this photo back in the fall of 2006. My intension was the St Paul downtown skyline from the steps of the Cathedral. I've posted several shots from there in the past. I really didn't like the shot with the trees covering up a good portion of the skyline. I set this photo aside and hadn't planned on posting it here.

Well, I looked at the photo and was about to send it to the bit bucket, when something caught my eye in the photo. Maybe you've already spotted my discovery, as I didn't until recently. What's even more scary is, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when I took the photo.

As I think back to photo shooting that day. I recall the couple you see in the lower left corner sitting on the wall and the guy was giving a back rub. I didn't think anything of it, I let them be and went on with my photo shooting. Take a look at the couple in the corner. Now look closely where the girls left hand is.

Which is why I'm now torn about posting this photo. Hopefully it will make some of you laugh about things we accidentally take a photo of.

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Unknown said...

The girl look to be pregnant and could be supporting her back. I'm not certain it's a sexual act though can see where one might think it.