March 7, 2007

Free Parking!

Just before Christmas time, I brought my two children to see Santa at the Mall Of America in Bloomington. There was a very long line of cars waiting for the light to favor them so they could proceed into the parking ramp. I've tried taking a photo of the ramp in the past, but they never turned out, I didn't care for the shot or usually, the ramp is so dang large, I could never show the size of it. Since I was waiting in line and at a stand still, I grabbed the camera and finally got the photo I've been wanting to show. This is the West parking ramp, there is also an East parking ramp of the same size on the east side of the mall.

I've found the easiest way in and out of the ramp is to take Cedar going south [also called Highway 77] and take the Killebrew Drive exit, then take the first left into the mall entrance and head to the West ramp. When you leave, take the same way out and you'll avoid many stop lights and much less traffic. Unless it's before Christmas and there are too many trying to get in at the same time [this will still be the quickest way in and out].

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