June 8, 2007

Now This Is Actually One Building

Despite all of the sections you see in the photo, they all connect in some shape or manner. What a crazy engineered hodge podge of buildings that do not match what so ever. This is the Hastings Flour Mill that I have posted on back in January with a broader view. One thing I never noticed before was the faded red water tower. When did that get up there and why had I never noticed it before. I've visited the site many times, but there it was, something new to my eyes. I've always enjoyed seeing unique water towers and this was a delight to photograph.

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Ben Nakagawa said...

Thanks for comment on Nelson DP.
It's a very nice looking new site!

Anonymous said...

This is what we used to call "as needed" architecture. You add a shed-like addition when needed and you end up with what you took a picture of. The water tower has probably been there from day one.

I like the shot.

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Bergson said...

astonishing construction

had the architect it drunk? ; -)

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

i think i liked the back more than the front....it has more character..and the red stands out ....Greetings from Florida :)

Sally said...

Terrific melange of shapes and colours and textures!

Deb said...

very cool building and an excellent photo!