July 5, 2007

Can A Bird Fly Up A Nose?

I had posted about these bird houses last summer on June 25, 2006. Very creative idea having a hand carved face created into a bird house. The entrance for the bird is to fly up the nose. It's quick comical. This photo was submitted to me some time ago by SWC and I put it aside. I recently discovered it again and had to post it. This is Carl, he is a first cousin to me or a first cousin, once removed, and he is posing with a likeness of himself with a hand carved birdhouse. I found a site that carves the unique bird homes, Carvings By Monte. I can't say for sure if this one came from the artist. There is a short video with the birds in action to get a better visual of what it looks like, I'd recommend watching it.

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Anonymous said...

I like your uncle's picture much better than the birdhouse. Although I like that idea too.

I have seen birdhouses where the eye or one eye is where the birds enter but not the nose.

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lv2scpbk said...

Wonderful capture. The guy looks as happy as that bird house. Or visa versa. Love it.

Kate said...

Good portrait. He has the kind of face that would work well in a painting. Nice photo, Steve!

GMG said...

Amazing picture! Also loved many of the other pics, including the purple rain sky...

Steve Cuddihy said...

Kate - Carl was the head of the art department at Sioux Falls State University, so it’s funny that you said that he has a face for painting.