July 7, 2007

Three Season Porches Stink In The Winter

No no, it is summer here where I am. I took this photo back in March, this photo is just a reminder of what's to come. We've hit the summer equinox already a couple weeks ago, the days are getting shorter, winter will be here soon. The bummer about having a three season porch is not being able to use it in the winter time. During the summer months, we often eat dinner out here in the summer if the house is on the warm side. During the winter, all I can use it for is freezing water. However, the railing can make for an interesting photo when we receive a lot of snow.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Stavanger, Norway
Budapest, Hungary
Baziege, France
Wellington, New Zealand
New Orleans, Louisiana


Dina said...

You said winter will be here soon, wow for us here in Malta winter means December (maybe). Last year we did not hit winter really until March this year!!! as for now we have been suffering long hot summer days for a while.

Steve Buser said...

We had snow here one time. Actually twice.

But the porch does look lovely. I envy your cool breezes in the summer.

Sunkyoung said...

It's nice to see some snow even on the photo as Seoul is now going through the summer with 29 degrees today.

Z said...

Three seasons, but the longest one isn't part of the mentioned three? Something like that? :-)