July 20, 2007

Would You, Could You, On A Bluff?

Yesterday's photo featured high rise living space with a great view. Some of you, from what it sound like, were a bit unsure about living way up in the sky. Today's photo is similar in nature, but on a bluff over looking the Mississippi River below. These homes can be found in Hastings with a spectacular view of the river, lock and dam #2, plus sun rises and sun sets. The homes are technically on ground level, yet have a vertical plunge that isn't desired by many. Could you live in a home at this location?

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Cypress, Texas
Ystad, Sweden
New York, New York

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Neva said...

I love your photos...this is awesome...reminds me of the Menton Daily Photo in its expansiveness(is that even a word???) nice, though.