January 20, 2008

January Is Now Known As....Jan-burrr-ary

It's officially freaking cold outside! The coldest temperatures of the season so far this winter. It's part of Minnesota winters that one just gets used too dealing with. You may not always welcome the cold temps, but there is nothing you can do to stop it. My guess right now on what you're thinking, how cold of temperatures have I ever experienced? I do recall it being -32 F when I was in my late teens, early twenties. You would walk outside into the cold air and literally any moisture in your nose would instantly freeze. It would sort of 'hurt' to breathe in that kind of air.

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Kate said...

yes, it is "freaking cold" in Mn and Wi, too. Hope the temperatures help the Packers defeat the Giants today; we shall see!!

laurie said...

when your nostril hairs freeze and the snow squeaks beneath your boots and your glasses freeze on your face, giving you a headache....that's a minnesota winter!

i grew up in duluth. even colder than here.

Jim Klenke said...

I want to know what you were doing up at 1:00 AM? Nothing good happens after 10:00PM. Didnt you learn that growing up?

Susan said...

Crazy. I remember those days... but now I feel that it is too cold if it is 50F. ;-)

Steve Cuddihy said...

kate - The Packers just couldn't move the ball well in the second half. Perhaps it was the cold temps, but they just didn't look like they normally do.

laurie - the sound the snow makes as you walk across it on the sidewalk is deafening. As cold as it can get in the Twin Cities, I'm glad I'm here versus 100 miles north. The difference is huge in temps.

jim - 1:00 AM on a Saturday night, that's pretty common for me.

zentmrs - It's all what your body gets used too. You can recall after it being sub zero temps for days, when it warms to 30 degrees we'll say 'wow it's a warm day out'.

Troop 1309 said...

Yikes, that is bad. Stay warm!