September 3, 2008

RNC 2008 - Day 2

I was not able to make it down to the downtown area for photo taking on Day 2, nor will I make it down for Day 3, the evening of Day 4 is on my calender. The convention was in full swing today with protesters marching, delegates assembled and a full night of videos and speeches taking place inside the Xcel Energy Center.

One of the oddest protests signs from Day 1 as this one pictured that reads "Impeach Nixon". Ummmm, hello....that's several decades ago eh? The other sign reads "Warning: The change you decide" I never made out the folded over side of the sign, perhaps it made more sense? Do note the double rows of fencing that surrounds the Xcel Energy Center.

About 5:00 on day 1, the capital grounds was rather empty. There was a few small pockets of protesters still sitting on the lawn, but generally there was nothing happening here. I was expecting to see litter, signs and who knows what else, but I was surprised to see very little destruction here.

These two gentlemen were headed into downtown St Paul carrying signs. There was a lot of information on them and you had to stop for a minute or two to read everything that was on the sign. I never was able to catch up with them unfortunately.

One question that had been on my mind the past week was where would all of the protesters eat, drink, and where would they go when they needed to use the restroom? My questions were answered here. There was rows and rows of port-a-potties, several food and water stands, plus many extra garbage cans for their garbage. I was impressed by the city in their planning so far to make things as convenient for the protesters as possible. Still many 'splinter cells' as the local media is calling them, are hell bent on causing destruction to various public buildings, police cars and stopping the delegates buses from entering and leaving the Xcel grounds.

There was this one group that I found interesting to watch. One has a guitar, one has a bongo drum, one has a flag, and all of them were dancing and singing something I couldn't quite make out. Mitch from Daily Minneapolis Photography was there capturing the Day One evetnts of one the 'splinter cells' causing a ruckus on Kellogg and Wabasha. One thing I remarked from his post, please do stop by his site and see his excellent photos, was the off-key singing. Mitch, you would have loved to listen to this bunch and see you Thursday.

More tomorrow....stay tuned

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