September 25, 2008

This Ain't The Cash Cab

cleverly painted cab car with a passenger sitting to take advantage of the painting. I took several photos of this cab, I tried to compensate for the glare off the window, but I couldn't get a clean shot. Is this a situation where a polarizing filter would have worked better to get rid of the glare or did I need to have the lighting different?


airplane5312 said...

A polarizing filter would definitely reduce the amount of glare. Give it a try.

Kate said...

Good morning, Steve. I have a little bit of free time today so I thought I'd cruise by your blog to say hello. Miss you but I'll be back, hopefully before February when we're going to Mexico again for a few months.

Glad someone answered your question because I can't. The car has a good message, tho...RELAX!