September 17, 2008

St Louis Downtown Sky View

From my St Louis, Missouri vacation trip, this photo of downtown St Louis, I am standing 630 feet in the air, facing west. To get to the top of the arch, they have a small eight car tram that seats five people per pod. There is a tram on the north and south legs, plus a set of stairs that spiral all the way to the top. There is however, no restrooms once you reach the top. So drinking a 64 ounce beverage before you make your way up the arch is not recommended.

The green domed building is the historic Old Court House. The Dred Scott decision took place in that very building. The whole city has such a rich history, we needed to spend more time here to learn more than we did. Their historic past was the reason the arch was built here in the first place.

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Just Roaming The Cities said...

WOWOWOWOW!! What a view! Incredible shot!
My son walks by, says, is that New York?