September 19, 2008

Saint Louis, Missouri - Old Court House

From my St Louis, Missouri trip, a few captures of the Historic Old Court House. It sits directly to the west of the Gateway Arch. What I found fascinating about the build was, it was build completely over the original court house, which has become one of the wings of the front entrance. They had a scaled down, plexiglas model of the original court house with the old court house and how it was built into one building. The insides of the building are amazing. The entire dome ceiling has murals, all the way up to the top! The woodworking, the columns, the colors, it was a sight to see for this out of towner.



Olivier said...

le reflet est superbe, avec en plus le contrasme ancien / moderne.

the reflection is superb, with the contrasme old / modern.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

These are some awesome shots! *Wow* on the ones from way up high.
Were you aware that some of the Twin Cities photobloggers are getting together Saturday (tomorrow) night? Have you and your Mrs. been invited? And if not, would you like to join us?
Visiting downtown Mpls, Foshay tower observation deck.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Thank you.

I am aware of the Saturday gathering, I unfortunately cannot attend.

Jilly said...

Stunning first photo - well so are the others but that first one is extraordinary.