May 11, 2010

Michele Bachmann Speaks At Tax Cut Rally

Michele Bachmann spoke at the 2010 Tax Cut Rally on Saturday at the State Capital. I'm sure many are not familiar with Michele Bachmann is the incumbent Republican candidate for US Representative from Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. I am amazed by the hatred people have for Michele Bachmann, the spin on her words, vicious attacks, it's really crazy what she and many politicians must go through on a daily basis.

All you Michele Bachmann haters, your comments and opinions are welcome, don't be shy, I know your out there....


Unknown said...

Hey, I am amazed in general at the hatred spewed by both parties! An eye opener came a few weeks back- A fellow Republican, was presenting Obama in a negative light, and the comments supporting that statement were utterly filled with hatred!! And, these came from born again Christians!! Not good....

Rusty said...

I don't hate Michele Bachmann. But I have been disturbed by some to the things she's said and done, like how she wanted members of Congress investigated to see who has UnAmerican views. Does anybody remember the McCarthy era?

I think that Bachmann's rhetoric of calling this administration a "Gangster Government," accusing Obama of being a tyrant, is pointless name calling that emboldens America's enemies abroad and sedition within our borders.

At a recent Bachmann rally, radio host Chris Baker called Democrats "a bunch of lying, thieving commies." That's the kind of name calling that Bachmann promotes! That is the kind of confrontational rhetoric she rallies around.

Was Michele Bachmann wrong to raise her staff's budget by $176,868 (26.4%) from 2008 to 2009, even if her Congressional workload didn't change? No! Michele Bachmann had to work even harder last year to get out her message decrying deficit spending by the Federal Government!

Think about it, in the part of the Federal Budget that Michele Bachmann has direct control, she RAISED that by 26.4%, the largest percentage increase of any Legislator from Minnesota! That's her pedigree as a fiscal conservative. She's big on promoting herself, big on name calling, but not big on working to get things done.

Michele Bachmann is in California again, speaking at rallies and doing media events.

Sure, Michele Bachmann's travels and media exposure have impacted her performance in Congress. She's missed a larger number and a larger percentage of her votes in the last Congress than any other Minnesota Representative. But she had to! She had to be at media events and tea party rallies to rail against the inefficiency of the Federal Government and promote herself!

So was Michele Bachmann wrong to chose shouting about the Federal Government over doing her job IN the Federal Government? So was Michele Bachmann wrong to raise her staff's budget or just a hypocrite to criticize increased Federal spending?

airplane5312 said...

Personally I find Michele amusing. Have enjoyed watching her rise from squatting behind the bushes at the State Capitol watching those gays at a gay rally, to popping up ever so frequent in the national media spinning conspiracy theories. Hate, hell no, I think she's fun!