June 3, 2010

Panoramic Of Target Field

WARNING: The panoramic is very large in size. If you click on the photo, the full sized photo is 6000 x 2777. So, it could take a while to fully load into your browser.

I used a photo stitch software to join 13 photos together to make this eye popping panoramic of Target Field, the new ball park for the Minnesota Twins baseball team. I've posted two of the photos so far from today's pano. The one from the top left I posted on Monday, the one on the top right, I posted on Wednesday. Today, it's everything in between. Now I wish I would have capture a little more of the middle portion of the sky, but I'll take what I was able to capture. The solid black portions are were I had no data to stitch into the large photo.


Rob said...

What a gorgeous field, awesome shot!

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

Great shot. And I am impressed with your ability so stitch all that together.