February 24, 2007

Scare Weather Forcast Says Snow This Weekend

Here in Minnesota we are under a Winter Storm Warning. The scare weather forecasters are predicting anywhere from 4 to 16 inches of snow depending on who you hear it from and how many hours ago. I've become so discouraged with the weather forecast the past couple of years. They like to scare people with the weather so you have to tune into their forecast to see how much snow they think will fall. It's become so comical on how bad their predictions are as of late. I know these are just predictions and a storm will do whatever it wants, but my goodness, stop scaring people into thinking the end of the world is coming with a snow storm.

Start forecasting something that is believable and I'll start tuning into your presentation.

Today's photo is of my neighbor clearing his driveway with the snowblower. It was taken well over a month ago when we had a snowstorm that was predicted correctly [they got one correct out of 15 this year]. This morning there was more grass and dirt visible than snow, but there was some freezing precipitation falling the past couple of hours. Perhaps they will be accurate this time....stay turned.


Anonymous said...

I live in southwestern Ohio and we get snow and ice. Sometimes a lot of both as we did about two weeks ago. Most of it is still here.

My son lives in Florida. Their weather forecasters don't even show up on newscasts unless something is going to happen that is different from "hot, humid with lots of sunshine today."

Pat said...

Nice photo. We're under the same storm warning I think. Supposed to be freezing rain as well.

Deb said...

Wondering what it's like down there in Cottage Grove today....Up here in Minneapolis it's really piling up fast.
I think we're up to an inch now....
Maybe all the weather/blathercasters meant that if we shovel all the snow into a pile we'll have 12".

Steve Cuddihy said...

We've had more rain/ice since this all started over on the south eastern part of the Twin Cities. It has changed over to snow the past two hours and our snow total maybe is at an inch of snow finally.

The weather scarecasters said we would have two waves of snow, the first should bring 4-8 and the second should also bring 4-8 [depending on who was giving the scarecast]. I'm not sure if the first wave has completed yet as we still have three more inches of snow to get to the minimum amount of the first wave.