May 23, 2007

Cause I Drink Alone, Yeah With Nobody Else

Yeah, the other night I lay sleepin'
And I woke from a terrible dream
So I called up my pal Jack Daniels
And his partner Jimmy Beam

My son and I were heading back home one Saturday and we pass this Jim Beam sponsored racing car driving on the streets of Cottage Grove. He squealed the tires a bit as he turned the corner. I had to see where it was going. I did a u-turn and the next available spot and went on a chase. I saw the parking lot it drove into and read the sign that said the car was on tour at a new local liquor store, how ironic. Interesting way to advertise I though. My son asked if I had the camera because he wanted to take a photo for this website. So this is his first photo he took for the Twin Cities Daily Photo. The car was only there from 4:00 to 6:00 and it was 6:07 at the time of this photo. They actually were rolling the car onto the trailer for the day, otherwise he would have gotten a better shot from outside the car.

My Top 3 Daily Photo Favorites
Mainz, Germany
New York, New York
Antigua, Guatemala


Ben Nakagawa said...

That is interesting and certainly gets lot's of attention right?

Anonymous said...

I like your photo today and the narrative is easy reading and interesting. I nearly forgot about Jack Daniels.

The second episode of the robins is on the blog today. The mother's head is down the baby's throat.

Ming the Merciless said...

Start them young, get them addicted to it....and your son will be a world class photographer before you know it.

Deb said...

Darn....not nearly enough time to pour water on the pavement for that 'reflection shot'!
Cudos to your son for his very first photo! There will be more to come I'm sure.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Thanks for the laugh Chris.

For everyone had to have been there to understand.

yournotalone said...

Would love to drive it. I am sure though I never will:)