May 22, 2007

Who Are You

Last photo from the Carpenter Nature Center. This great horned owl was impressive to me. Mainly because I heard them a lot when I lived in St Paul, but never ever saw one. Living out in Cottage Grove, that is one thing I do not hear that often. So to finally see one, wow, larger than I expected.


Kate said...

He really does look like a wise old owl, right?!

R&R said...

A great series, it's wonderful to see these impressive creatures being cared for!

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful photograph. I am sure glad you went 'cause I got to see animals I would not have otherwise seen. Especially the bald eagle.

Their beaks close, their eyes shut and their heads flop over the edge of the nest.
American Robin series starts today in Brookville Daily Photo.

Susan said...

Look at those eyes! Great shot!

Ming the Merciless said...

Yes, that is a beautiful bird. I haven't seen one either. And I won't recognize his "hoot" even if I heard it.

I love the clarity and detail on the owl.