September 22, 2007

Clean Up In Isle Four

From the September 1 racing night I attended with my family, I was following our company sponsored car, the number 31 car. I was just about take a photo while it was coming out of turn number four at Elko Speedway, when all of a sudden, the tires squealed, a car spun out, a minor fender bender occurred shortly after this shot. It really was a lucky shot. I was planning on a different photo, but ended up capturing this in action pre-accident. The red and orange cars directly behind it would eventually crash into the car that is not headed in the proper direction in the photo.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Naples, Florida
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Detroit, Michigan


isa said...

Thank goodness for the "minor fender bender"!
My little nephew is a big racing fan, so one time I took him to Daytona. Never again - the noise, the smell, the constant threat of impending disaster...Not my cup of tea ;-)
Did you enjoy it?

Steve Cuddihy said...

I did actually enjoy the races. I'd never gone to them before the month of September [I've gone twice now]. Inexpensive, small race track, short races [20-40 laps be division]. I'm not normally a race car fan, but I did know two separate cars in the race, so I had someone to root for. Perhaps that made the difference for me.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Oh-oh. Hope everyone was OK--cool capture!

WichitaKsDailyPhoto said...

Funny title, if they don't make that announcement during spin outs like this, they should. Bet, it would get some laughs from the spectators.

Stiffa said...

Thanks for the nod! I love your photos, so it really means a lot!