The Road To Nowhere - Revisited

A photo at the request of a comment from Don of Rotterdam, Netherlands: he requested a photo without the fog from a post I made on August 26 featuring fog in Newport as I drove to work. I described as best as I could of what you couldn't see in the photo from memory. The crane is gone, the houses are there on the hill, [you'll have to trust me on this, the leaves are blocking their view, but I did a pretty good job from memory. There are a few items out of frame, but the lens wouldn't allow them to be in this shot. Plus it took me a few days to get this shot, I took it on a morning when the traffic was light and was a bit safer to take a photo.

My 5 Daily Photo Favorites:
Manila, Philippines
St Paul, Minnesota
New York, New York
Prague, Czech Republic
London, England



At 9/03/2007 1:34 PM, Blogger Carlos Lorenzo said...

Simply amazing how the scene has changed from the foggy weather to this shot. Both pictures are totally connected.

At 9/08/2007 9:36 AM, Blogger don said...

wow what a diffence great to see how the view of the world can change :) :)


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