September 13, 2007

Mini Car Display

Every time I look at this photo, it looks like these are tiny model cars. In actuality, these cars are the real thing. I made it to Elko Speedway back in August, but the race was canceled due to rain. I was given race rain checks for two dates in September. I made it to the first one on September 2nd over Labor Day weekend. It was difficult to take photos of fast moving cars in the dark. So much blur, so much movement, but I was able to get one photo that I absolutely love, today's photo. I was panning with the cars as they moved around the track. I was focusing in on the car my work sponsors, the number 31 car, driven by Mike Hanson of Turn-Key Racing. During the nights race, Mike started in the 4th position, but ended up in 6th by races end. He is in the white car in front of the pack, he was able to hold back the majority of the cars behind him during the entire race.

I'm also posting a couple of the failed, terrible pan shots I attempted trying to get one decent shot. The next race I go to, I'm going to try a few more camera settings and experiment a bit more with night, action shots. I will say, the failed photos have a uniqueness about them and they do make for an interesting shot.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
St Paul, Minnesota - Carol's final daily photo post
Chandler, Arizona
Selma, Alabama

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