November 26, 2007

Last Stop In Winona

The long Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close, the sun is setting on my drive around town in Winona. I'll close this short adventure with this last photo of , if my memory serves me correctly, the City Hall. The last rays of sunlight bounce off the windows and I was able to capture it with the changed colors of the windows. The three smaller photos were some of the other sites around town.

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Interesting Links Of the Day: Time-lapse photography at Vikings-Packers game | Hubble Heritage Image Gallery | How Stuff Works | World Trade Center Aerial Shot


Anonymous said...

Nice photography. I like the one with the bridge in the middle.


Birds, Bugs and Beasts

Jim Klenke said...

All four pictures are wonderful. I love the old City Hall building.

Kate said...

The time lapse photography site is amazing. All those cheeseheads. Wish I could have been at that game, tho but I wouldn't be wearing purple. Green and gold all the way--hometown loyalty after a lifetime of Packer lore.

Bettey said...

What a gorgeous building!

Steve Cuddihy said...

Kate said cheeseheads! Ya know, how can you not root for Brett Favre at this point in his career? It's been a long time since the purple had a QB that was as fun to watch as Favre is.

Plus, I have Favre on my Fantasy Football team and I'm a very happy camper watching him play. I root for him to do well week after week. hahaha