November 16, 2007

On Top Of The IDS Tower

This is the top half of the IDS Tower in downtown Minneapolis. One thing I've always personally liked about the building is the two small antenna that sit atop the roof. I call the small, because they look small from the ground. I'm curious how tall they really are.

You're thinking to yourself, this guy likes antennas? I have taken a course or two in electronics, my most enjoyable quarter was the course on television, radio, shortwave and anything to do with that subject matter. To sum it up, the course talked about how radio waves travel through the air, antennas pick up the signals and then how they are converted into items that we use on a daily basis. Ever since I finished that course in electronics, I've had a fondness for antennas because of their importance in our lives.

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Hyderabad Daily Photo said...
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Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

They are probably 118 feet tall. According to wikipedia, the height of the building is 792 feet and the communication spires take the height to 910 feet. I found a lot of interesting info on the building here:

Thanks for posting this. It is beautiful and I learned something new. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Kate said...

This is one of the best pictures I've seen of the IDS Tower. It's hard to be original with a bldg. that's been around "forever" and that has been photographed so often, but you did a super job!