November 12, 2007

That's Me In The Spot Light

Drove over to Minneapolis a couple of weekends ago with my family. The sun was low on the horizon, the blinding light reflecting off of the building was very tough to deal with as we rounded the 11th Street Exit. Thankfully for this photo, I was NOT driving but was shooting.

Election 2008: Take this US presidential election quiz to find out what politician represents your beliefs the most.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Mexico City, Mexico
Chandler, Arizona
Cape Town, South Africa


Rob said...

I too spend more time riding while on family errands. I captured a few photos from the passenger seat, but nothing as spectacular as this.

Chris said...

Thanks for posting the link to that political site!! I took the quiz and found out that the two people I most support are the two whose views are most similar to mine. . .not that I was surprised!! :-)