November 7, 2007

Under A Blood Red Sky

Strange thing about this photo, this is not what I originally wanted to take a photo of. I'm more than happy with the result of the sunset photo. I have never seen this much red sky that I can recall. I was driving north on 35E on my way home, looking westerly when I could at the brilliant red sky as you see in the photo. I looked to the east through a clearing of the trees and saw a sight I still have a hard time believing what I was seeing.

To set this up in your mind, a short rain shower had passed through close to sunset. The pinkish red sky was dominate throughout the western sky. The sun was within minutes of setting beyond the horizon. When I looked to the east, I saw a rainbow. Keep in mind, the sky was pinkish red and SO WAS THE RAINBOW to the east. You could literally see several shades of pink gradually getting darker like you would see in full daylight rainbow, but it was only shades of pink. It was the most unique thing I've ever seen with the weather. I had to get a photo of that pink rainbow. I quickly took the next exit off of the highway. About a block or two off the highway was a parking lot for a large retail store. I made it too the lot, put my car in park, grabbed my camera and before I could get a shot off, the sun had set too much and the pink rainbow was gone.

So I'll settle for this outrageous blood red sky.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Budapest, Hungary
Orlando, Florida


Rob said...

Wow, beautiful! I'm glad you had your camera with you, this is spectacular. You just never know what we will see when out and about. Sorry you missed capturing that pink rainbow, but this also is a great result.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Fantastic colour!