May 31, 2007

Stairs To Freedom

COUNTDOWN: Only 3 Days Until The End....

I was tempted to flip this photo upside down to see if anyone noticed it was wrong. Except for the washed out sky, to me, it would be tough to tell what way is up. Take a look, turn your head and see the photo upside down. It could be an optical illusion, a life sized one. These stairs are in the middle of the Freedom Bridge, also known as the Wabasha Street Bridge heading into downtown St Paul. About in the middle of it, there are a set of stairs on either side that lead down to Raspberry Island and to a small parking area.

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Fabrizio Zanelli said...

First of all you're absolutely in right about this photo (I turned my head in fact). It's an interesting building.

Then I'm really honoured to see my city DP blog at first place in your daily favorites. Thank you so much indeed.

delightful-d said...

Neat photo! I too, turned my head to look at the photo. At first glance it reminded me of a toy my son had... Rescue Hero launch or something???

I'll have to pay closer attention when near the bridge. I've never seen these stairs before.

Susan said...

A really interesting view! Nice colors too.

San Diego Daily Photo

Deb said...

hmmm....your title has me curious!