September 3, 2007

The Road To Nowhere - Revisited

A photo at the request of a comment from Don of Rotterdam, Netherlands: he requested a photo without the fog from a post I made on August 26 featuring fog in Newport as I drove to work. I described as best as I could of what you couldn't see in the photo from memory. The crane is gone, the houses are there on the hill, [you'll have to trust me on this, the leaves are blocking their view, but I did a pretty good job from memory. There are a few items out of frame, but the lens wouldn't allow them to be in this shot. Plus it took me a few days to get this shot, I took it on a morning when the traffic was light and was a bit safer to take a photo.

My 5 Daily Photo Favorites:
Manila, Philippines
St Paul, Minnesota
New York, New York
Prague, Czech Republic
London, England


Carlos Lorenzo said...

Simply amazing how the scene has changed from the foggy weather to this shot. Both pictures are totally connected.

don said...

wow what a diffence great to see how the view of the world can change :) :)