November 6, 2007

Minnesota Bridge Number 19816

I've sat at this light many times before on my way home from work. I sit in the turn lane on a bridge that crosses 35E in Eagan. Until a couple weeks ago, when the sun was setting, the light must have been just right. I saw the plaque you see in the photo embedded into the side wall. Bridge number 19816 was built in 1983 and is 310 feet long. It has a sufficient rating of 96.5 as of September 12, 2007. I do like the added touch of the rebar poking through the street surface. Okay, I really don't like it. It is there for a reason right?

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It's funny how you have an eye for detail when you run a City Daily Photo site!

Kate said...

Well, 96.5 would fill me with confidence. I doubt that all of our bridges will broadcast their ratings in quite the same way. Remember Stillwater's Lift Bridge??