April 30, 2006

Round House In Hastings

Drove by this very interesting house in Hastings, just as you cross the Mississippi River bridge, take a quick right and up along the river road and you'll see this octagon shaped house.

April 28, 2006

Viper On The Loose

Another good sign of spring in Minnesota is when you start seeing the cars that have been put away for the winter. About two weeks ago, I was on Cliff Road in Eagan when I was passed by a Dodge Viper. Didn't quite get the camera ready in time for a great side shot, I was after all driving at the time. I did manage to get most of the side and the rear of the Viper. In the background looking closer at the photo is the radio home of AM 1280 WWTC, The Patriot and AM 980 KKMS

April 25, 2006

One Of My Favorite Signs Of Springtime

It's the opening of the drive-in movie theaters! The Cottage View Drive-In along Highway 61 in Cottage Grove opened this past weekend as well as the Vali-Hi Drive-In along Interstate 94 in Lake Elmo. Being from Cottage Grove, I do frequent Cottage View as often as time allows with my wife and kids. I did hear a rumor that their lease is up this year and this may be the last year of one of the two remaining drive-ins in the Twin Cities. Will be a shame too see another one go. cottage view drive-in located in cottage grove minnesota

April 23, 2006

Winter Storm from March 13, 2006

Here are a few photos of a recent storm that passed through here about 5 weeks ago. It was quite the storm, but for March in Minnesota, you can usually expect to get a good sized storm to finish off the winter season. I started out the day planning on going to work, but after sitting in traffic for almost two hours and moved about 300 feet, I decided I had to call in sick. These I took on my drive back to my home. This was an open field with the snow blowing across from right to left. I could hardly see the road ahead of me This photo is of the traffic I was running into. The traffic heads into downtown St Paul and from where this is taken is the first exit north of 494 on Highway 61. That's about a ten mile traffic jam into downtown. It took me a while to get off of the road and head back home as you can see in the photo on the exit ramp. This is on the other side of my drive way in my neighbors yard. In their back yard. Looking down my driveway. This one is awesome how the snow collected.

A photo that makes me laugh

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