July 31, 2007

A Guy Walks Into A Bowling Pin

Every time I pass this entrance to the Burnsville Bowl it makes me laugh. The odd thing about it, this is a recent paint job on the building and not something left over from the 70's. I'm speechless....

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Rouen, France
St Louis, Missouri
Guelph, Canada

July 30, 2007

Flash Before My Eyes....

I made a quick stop in Cottage Grove to a small park along 70th street. I'd been wanting to stop there for a few photo ideas. While walking to my destination, I noticed this bench illuminated by the low setting sun, it looked "electric".

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Brookville, Ohio
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Mumbai, India
Boston, Massachusetts

July 29, 2007

I Don't Care Who You Are, That's Funny

Driving to work the other day, I pulled behind this truck in Burnsville. This is something I've never seen on the back of a work vehicle, Get-R-Done....It would make comedian, Larry The Cable Guy proud. It was worthy of a photo for the Twin Cities Daily Photo site....

July 28, 2007

What Does This Mean?

To me it's just graffiti, but to the person who wrote "Moose Youth RV St Paul Oh Sicks" it was something special to write it on this fence of rusted barbed wire. From what I've googled, it's an organization for kids to make the right choices in life. Interesting concept....peer pressure to do the right thing instead of the bad. I like it.

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Stavanger, Norway
Phoenix, Arizona
Berlin, Germany

July 27, 2007

Fly Like An Eagle, To The Sea

You know it's your lucky day when you have a camera in hand, your taking a photo of something of interest, you look to the sky and see a very large bird headed your way, you are able to capture a photo of the bird in flight.

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New York, New York
Chandler, Arizona
Chicago, Illinois

July 26, 2007

Today's Ray Of Hope

I snapped this photo at the four way stop sign in Cottage Grove. The roads are Jamaica Avenue and 80th street. This photo is about a month old and was from the batch of photos of an amazing storm clouds that rolled through the Twin Cities.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Aerial Photography - highly recommended photo
Greenville, South Carolina
Ioannina, Greece

July 25, 2007

Now This Is An Anchor

This anchor can be found at Harriot Island in St Paul. The plaque at the bottom right corner reads:





July 24, 2007

High Atop The Highest Hill

The Cathedral sits on the highest point in St Paul so it can be visible for miles. I'm at a very low vantage point for this photo, but I really like this shot because of the road leading in the direction of the Cathedral. I know the road doesn't directly go to the chapel, but it gives the illusion that it does.

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St Kilda, Australia
Montreal (QC), Canada
Ampang, Malaysia
Novara, Italy

July 23, 2007

Anno Domini 1925

I was taking a photo of the Robert Street Bridge, specifically the medallion detail on one of the twelve piers, when out of the sky appeared a private airplane flying right into my camera lens. It had taken off from the St Paul downtown airport, also known as Holman Field. I'm confused why the date AD 1925 is on the medallion. Bridge construction started in 1924 but wasn't completed until 1926. So why the 1925 date? The Robert Street Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. Sometime within the past 15 years, the bridge underwent a major restoration process. They thankfully kept the exact design of the bridge intact and just gave it a face lift.

July 22, 2007

Enforcer Boogaard Signs For Three Years

Fan favorite Derek Boogaard #24, resigned with the Minnesota Wild for a three year deal on Wednesday. This is good news for the Minnesota Wild hockey fans. Boogaard is the teams enforcer, his main function on the team is to protect the players from dirty play from the opposing team. This photo was from April 17, during game 4 of the playoffs versus the eventual Stanley Cup Winners, the Anaheim Ducks. It was taken during the pre-game warm ups. Game 4 was Minnesota's only victory against the Ducks. A little over three months until the hockey season starts up once again in October.

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Little Rock, Arkansas
Dubai, UAE
Hong Kong, China

July 21, 2007

This Is Not An Exit

I've always liked this entrance to this building located in downtown St Paul. The pillars, just huge, massive, strength. When I took this photo some time ago, I never noticed the sign that says "Lofts" there in the bottom left corner. This used to be a restaurant called Leeann Chins, a very popular Twin Cities Asian food chain. I'd have to say they are not at this location any longer. I'll have to investigate it because I'm just not sure. The building was completed in 1923 and was originally the St Paul Union Depot. [photo of the building as it appeared in 1925] I'll have to do a follow up on this in the future....unless one of the local daily photo bloggers know of it's current status.

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Kyoto, Japan
Newcastle, UK
Kajang, Malaysia
Nantes, France
Moscow, Russia

July 20, 2007

Would You, Could You, On A Bluff?

Yesterday's photo featured high rise living space with a great view. Some of you, from what it sound like, were a bit unsure about living way up in the sky. Today's photo is similar in nature, but on a bluff over looking the Mississippi River below. These homes can be found in Hastings with a spectacular view of the river, lock and dam #2, plus sun rises and sun sets. The homes are technically on ground level, yet have a vertical plunge that isn't desired by many. Could you live in a home at this location?

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Cypress, Texas
Ystad, Sweden
New York, New York

July 19, 2007

All Those Balconies, Not One In Use

It's shame, all of those great balconies on the Galtier Plaza Building and not one of them is being used. Granted, the sun is setting, but it is on the opposite side of the building. The people who live in this high rise must be visiting their neighbors on the west side of the building who face the sunset. That has to be the answer.

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Riga, Latvia
Madison, Wisconsin
Guelph, Ontario

July 18, 2007

Don't Even Think About It

Nope, sorry 'bout that, don't come down here, not open for business. Was walking through an open field and found this sign on the ground. Why was it here? When was this path closed? What path was closed as there is a fence and then a wide open field. There was no walking path. My mind is still wondering about this sign and what it closed access to at the time. I thought it made for a great photo opportunity.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Torino, Italy
Novara, Italy
Coral Gables, Florida

July 17, 2007

Run Through Your Wicked Garden

Two summers, well close to two summers it's been since we planted these flowers. Last spring we planted two plants, Lilium Hybrid 'Tom Pouce'. We watered it all last summer, there was the main stem, but it never produced any flowers. Up they grew once again this summer and sure enough, finally all that watering has paid off. I wish you all could smell this flower through your monitor. It has an incredible smell from five, ten, even fifteen feet away. It's very over powering. Thank goodness my allergies only happen during the spring season. The flower has to be six to seven inches wide. The stem is about 24 inches tall. This flower will be on our list to get next year and if it takes two summers for the flowers to bloom, it's well worth it.

July 16, 2007

West Point

Looking at the west point of Raspberry Island, home of the Minnesota Boat Club and a broader view of the banquette hall. The point of the island collects a large amount of drift wood that flows downstream on the mighty Mississippi River.

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Bangalore, India
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Paris, France

July 14, 2007

Minnesota Boat Club

The Minnesota Boat Club is located on Raspberry Island in St Paul on the Mississippi River. Established in 1870, it is the states oldest athletic organization. The building to the right is a banquette hall and can be rented for events. I've recently posted an areal photo of this building on July 2. The club offers competitive and recreational rowing opportunities for members of all ages.

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La Quinta, California
New Orleans, Louisiana
Cairo/Giza, Egypt

Historic St Paul Gangster Hideout

As promised, more information on the Wabasha Cave Tours from yesterday's photo. Here is a more expanded view. It's built into the side of the cliff south of downtown St Paul in the lower Westside neighborhood. It's made of sandstone and made of easy digging when the caves were first mined back in the 1800's. The facility in it's past has been a speakeasy, a restaurant, a nightclub called the 'Castle Royal' an office building and now it serves as a tour stop on various Twin Cities tours. Back in it's hay day as a speakeasy during prohibition, it was a well known hang out for gangsters, including John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Ma Barker. Some well known big bands have played here like Cab Calloway, Harry James and the Tommy Dorsey Band.

The cave tours are held Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for a small fee of $5 dollars where you can learn about the 150 year history of the caves. The secret caves were used by the gangsters to escape the law when the time arose during prohibition. There is also a gangster tour which visit many places in the Twin Cities for a fee of $22 dollars. The tour guide is dressed in clothing of the gangster era.

If you shall ever find yourself in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend one of the tours. I have not been on the tour since I've gotten my digital camera, but I will promise to go and snap some photos when I do.

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Boston, Massachusetts
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Manila, Philippines
Monte Carlo, Monaco

July 13, 2007

Caves? What Caves?

Do you see the caves in this photo? I'll explain what this is in tomorrows post.

July 12, 2007

What Is This?

About a month ago, I would walk into my back yard and pick up handfuls of fallen leaves [see photo]. These were not dried leaves like you see in the fall, but healthy green leaves that were full in size and green as could be. Was my tree diseased? Was this a strange growing season? Why do I have to pick up piles of leaves every day? It was getting annoying to say the least.

The day I took these photos, I figured out what was going on. I was sitting on my back porch reading a book. I heard a very faint sound of rain falling. Just a few sprinkles, but then I heard some squirrels running around in my big Silver Oak tree. So I stop reading and look at the squirrel, then I realized there was FIVE squirrels. They were baby squirrels and they were all heading into the big pile of leaves that had collected in the "Y" of the branches. Silly me, it was a squirrel nest. I had never seen one before. I assure you, I saw five of them little buggers run into there. I waited and waited for one to pop his head out to get a shot of it, but no such luck. The rain started coming down heavy at this point and I had to head back indoors. A few days later, the nest fell from the tree and the squirrels are gone.

July 11, 2007

Continuing To The Other Side Of The Lake

Another contribution photo from SWC. Yesterday I mentioned there was a small lake and a small pond that make of Pike Lake. This I believe is the small lake portion. I know your asking, how can one tell the difference between a lake and a pond? To find the answer, head over to Minnetonkascenes and answer six questions, add your total and you'll have your answer. Looking closely at the photo, I see docks and boats. This has to be a lake. enjoy!

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Montego Bay, Jamaica
Moscon, Russia
San Diego, California
Chicago, Illinois
Joplin, Missouri

July 10, 2007

Walk Around The Pond

Today I have a photo contribution from SWC. This is from a walk around Pike Lake in New Brighton. There is a small lake with a small pond attached. A very still evening this was to get the mirror like reflection.

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Torino, Italy
Villigen, Switzerland
Monte Carlo
North Bay, Canada
St Paul, Minnesota

July 9, 2007

So Long Old Friend

This week I said goodbye to my vehicle. It's been almost two weeks now that I was struck from behind while on my way to work. I had stopped for a vehicle turning left, I heard tires screech and then realized it was me who had been hit. It was a multi car crash, a van hit a car and then hit my car that was stopped. Looking at the photo, it doesn't look that bad. However what you cannot see is the frame on the left side of the car is badly damaged. Too much in repair cost, so the insurance has decided to total my car unfortunately. I'm still working on a vehicle replacement, but I'm sad to see this car go.

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Trujillo, Peru
Toronto, Canada
Prague, Czech Republic
Nelson, New Zealand

July 8, 2007

The Train To Nowhere

These train tracks lie in Hastings near the Hastings Flour Mill. I took this photo in late spring. The train was not moving, but I like the low perspective of this shot.

My 5 Daily Photo Favorites:
Villigen, Switzerland
San Diego, California
Port Angeles, Washington
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Brussels, Belgium

July 7, 2007

Three Season Porches Stink In The Winter

No no, it is summer here where I am. I took this photo back in March, this photo is just a reminder of what's to come. We've hit the summer equinox already a couple weeks ago, the days are getting shorter, winter will be here soon. The bummer about having a three season porch is not being able to use it in the winter time. During the summer months, we often eat dinner out here in the summer if the house is on the warm side. During the winter, all I can use it for is freezing water. However, the railing can make for an interesting photo when we receive a lot of snow.

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Stavanger, Norway
Budapest, Hungary
Baziege, France
Wellington, New Zealand
New Orleans, Louisiana

July 6, 2007


Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co. was a harware wholesaler located in St. Paul, just south of downtown and across the Mississippi River. They sold all types of hardware and used tradenames such as Chispa Bicycles, Farwell Arms, F.O.K and Company, etc. The building was built in 1911, and is commonly known as the 'FOK Building'. FOK did their part to help during both World Wars by manufacturing ammunition and transporting it via the railroad that ran alongside the north end of the warehouse. The building was sold to ACVR in 1982 and is currently being rented out to various tenants.

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Joplin, Missouri
Wailea, Hawaii
New York, New York

July 5, 2007

Can A Bird Fly Up A Nose?

I had posted about these bird houses last summer on June 25, 2006. Very creative idea having a hand carved face created into a bird house. The entrance for the bird is to fly up the nose. It's quick comical. This photo was submitted to me some time ago by SWC and I put it aside. I recently discovered it again and had to post it. This is Carl, he is a first cousin to me or a first cousin, once removed, and he is posing with a likeness of himself with a hand carved birdhouse. I found a site that carves the unique bird homes, Carvings By Monte. I can't say for sure if this one came from the artist. There is a short video with the birds in action to get a better visual of what it looks like, I'd recommend watching it.

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Paris, France
Ioannina, Greece
Delta, Colorado

July 4, 2007

Hop, Skip And A Jump

If you scroll down to yesterday's photo, you can see this very peer that I'm standing on taking a photo of. It's a new addition to the riverside off of Harriot Island. The last time I was here, there was a narrow three foot wide peer to walk on, but that only got you to the boat you see tied up to the peer on the left. That is a restaurant that used to be called the 'No Wake Cafe'. It's now called the 'River Boat Grill'. I'll have to eat here and give a review of it some day soon. The boat on the right is a new addition, it's a Bed and Breakfast, called the Covington Inn, that is open about nine months of the year. It's closed from the end of November until sometime in the spring. The peer and both of these two river boats make this a place to visit if you're ever in town.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Montpellier, France
Kyle, Texas

July 3, 2007

Floaters And Drifters

As I wrote in yesterday's daily photo entry, I would post a photo from the tip of Raspberry Island. To answer a question: No, there are no raspberry bushes on the island. The island used to be called Navy Island, but in this politically correct world we live in, the city planners thought a festive name would sound better than anything to do with the military. Thus the happy and joyful Raspberry Island.

Sorry for that little tangent. Out on the tip of Raspberry Island is the collection of river drift wood. I've always wondered if the logs I see floating down the river ever end up in the Gulf Of Mexico? There is nearly 100 river dams along the way, how would they make through each dam? But where do the collect if they miss this island? I'd like to have a tracking device on a piece of driftwood and see where it ends up some day. Another tangent....

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Barcelona, Spain
Riga, Latvia
Novara, Italy

July 2, 2007

A Elite Club To Belong Too

The building you see belongs to the Minnesota Boat Club. I'm standing on the Freedom Bridge that crosses the Mississippi River into downtown St Paul. The building is located on Raspberry Island [use to be called Navy Island]. There is a small bridge, about a cars width, that allows people, cars, bikes to travel across.

I recall growing up and seeing this building as a teen. It was nothing to look at back then. The windows were boarded up, the roof was deteriorating, the walls were in need of repair....my what a difference this building is today. The roof, the arched doorways, the chimney stacks, plus it's location, it's become one of my favorite looking buildings in St Paul.

Take note of the walking path you can see. It's in the upper right corner of the photo on the island that leads to a large block of cement. There are two people sitting on a step in front of the block if you look close enough. Tomorrow's photo I'll give you a closer glimpse of what is located on the tip of the island while I am sitting in their location.

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Bangalore, India
Akita, Japan
Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 1, 2007

Theme Day: The Color Red

I was in Ely, Minnesota a few weeks ago. While listening to one of their radio stations, their slogan was 'the end of the road radio'. I thought of that radio slogan when I took this photo for the theme day. I was at the end of a road in Cottage Grove along Highway 61. In the distance you can see the sign for Cottage View Drive In theater.

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