April 30, 2008

Painted Bricks Or Natural Color

I made a visit through St Paul's East Side Neighborhood and drove past this building that caught my eye. The building has been refurbished in someway, but I'm curious if the red brick is painted or is that the natural color of it? Despite the sign that reads 'The Strip Club' I can assure you, this is a restaurant that a friend of mine has suggested to eat at. I will stop in there soon, but today's stop was only for a quick photo and to find the exact location.

April 29, 2008

Wingspan Of Local Birds

When I measured, my wingspan was almost as wide as the Osprey.

April 28, 2008

St Croix River Flooding

flooded waters on the St Croix River Almost without fail, as the snow melts away and flows downstream, the St Croix River spills over it's banks. It's only a couple of feet above flood stage as you can see by the large growing trees in standing water.

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April 27, 2008

Spring Is Trying To Grow

This has been a very tough spring to take in this year in 2008. I awoke to a little bit of snow here in the Twin Cities on the last weekend in April. Northern Minnesota had nearly a foot of snow in some parts. I can foresee a very late blooming spring, but some of nature is growing green. I found a patch of moss growing on tree roots on the northern side. Moss, as you should know, typically grows on the north side of trees because....why? Anyone? If you said, sunlight doesn't shine on the north side of objects, you would be correct. That is one way to help find your direction if you are ever lost in a forest.

April 24, 2008

Two Years Of Twin Cities Daily Photo

Night time view of downtown St Paul skyline from Mounds Park I'm a day late, but the Twin Cities Daily Photo has been active for two full years now. What started as a way to learn about my new digital camera has completed it's second year. Honestly my starting date had slipped my mind and I don't really have any special montage of my photos, but the photo I've chosen for this occasion is still one of my favorite photos I've taken so far. I am standing in Mounds Park in East St Paul overlooking downtown St Paul. There was a storm rolling in to the right of the frame at the time of the photo. This was also my first attempt at nighttime photography.

April 23, 2008

Portable Clusters And Pride In My Work

A photo of a portable cluster made in the Twin Cities. We rolled out a new product at my work on Tuesday, Earth Day 2008, it was purely coincidence. What you you're looking at is a portable cluster that is made in the Twin Cities. What is a cluster? Essentially it is a super computer that is used for doing massive calculations in a short time frame. For example, we sent a cluster to another customer of ours last week. The program that they run, on their old system took a day and a half to run through all the calculations. We received feedback on their new cluster that we built for them shorted that time frame down to 30 minutes!

Myself and a fellow co-worker did a good portion of the assembly and software setup. The engineering team did the research and development, while my server builders built the nodes. This was a time consuming project with huge results and it's something I wanted to share with you all today.

What's unique about our portable clusters, aside from it being portable, is it runs on only one 120 Volt, 20 AMP circuit. This is the same power plug that your home computer is plugged into the wall outlet. This is a huge deal when you need a product like this , you bring it to a new work site and all you have is standard power. Typically a cluster needs a lot of power to run. I've seen 30 AMP plugs, 230 Volt plus, or separate power for each node. The power savings we have engineered into this product to keep it running on one standard outlet is how this post all ties into Earth Day 2008 in the Twin Cities

portable cluster portable clusters a true portable cluster

April 21, 2008

Not Sure Which Is Worse

This sign I found along the walking trail, we have vandals spray painting, a good sized dent, a missing bolt, one very sun aged sign, plus we have the apparent "danger trains" warning it is giving us. It's a sign with a lot of character.

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Taking A Rest

Reflection of a train in water as it passes by. The humorous thing about this photo was, during my walk on Sunday with my wife and kids, we were sitting on a bench along the walking path taking a quick break from walking. The distant sounds of a locomotive was approaching, interrupting the peace and quietness of our nature walk. The roar of the engine sped past our view and right there from the very park bench I was sitting on gave me this great reflective view of the passing train. How often do you not have to move from your location to get a bonus photo for your blog? How cool is that?

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April 20, 2008

Close Up On The High Sky Way

skyway on the first national bank building in St Paul Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche Update Series: Colorado win series 4-2

April 19, 2008

Look, Up In The Sky, It's A Skyway

A skyway? Way up there? Kind of odd, don't you think?

April 18, 2008

The Last Of Winter

Well, after a bit of a fight with winter trying to make a come back in the Twin Cities the past few weeks, the seasonal warmth finally took it's toll. This little patch of snow nestled along the hockey rink boards, the part that receives minimal amount of direct sunlight, was all I could find.

Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche Update Series: Avs lead 3-2
Game 6: Saturday, April 19 @ 9:00 [CT]

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April 17, 2008

Cottage View Drive In - Opening Soon

I reported in the fall of 2007 that the Cottage View Drive-In, one of two drive-in theaters in the Twin Cities area, would be closing and selling it's land to the highest bidder. Due to overwhelming support, much praise, and a bit of a backlash by the community on the sale of the land, I'm happy to report the Cottage View Drive-In will be open in 2008 for business. My circle of friends in the Cottage Grove area have been talking quite a bit about the drive in being open once again. We brought six or seven car loads of families several times last year and have plans already in the works for this summer.

See what's playing at Cottage View Drive-In

The first showing is this Friday, April 18th. The theater will only be open on weekends until school is just about done for the year.

April 16, 2008

Minnesota Taxes

State of Minnesota at Armstrong Elementary Yesterday was tax day in the United States. Minnesota's personal income tax system consists of three separate brackets. Here is the breakdown for the 2008 tax year for a married couple filing jointly:

5.35% $0 to $31,860
7.05% $31,861 to $126,580
7.85% $126,580 and greater

Among states levying personal income taxes, Minnesota's top rate ranks 10th highest nationally. Minnesota's 2005 individual income tax collections were $1,237 per person, which ranked 6th highest nationally.

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Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche Update Series: The series is tied 2-2
Game 5: Thursday, April 17 @ 8:00 [CT]
Game 6: Saturday, April 19 @ TBA [CT]

April 15, 2008


This odd looking contraption, also from the Bakken Museum, is an early 1900s, historic EKG machine used to track the electrical energy from a heart. Today's EKG machine uses disposable patches attached to wires to read the electrical pulses, the EKG machine in the photo, the hands and feet were placed in sodium chloride baths as a means of conduction. We've come a long way in medicine.

Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche Update
Series: Wild lead in the series 2-1
Game 4: Tuesday, April 15 @ 9:00 [CT]
Game 5: Thursday, April 17 @ 8:00 [CT]

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April 14, 2008

Bakken Museum

The first electric bell installed 1878 in Minnesota. One of the more interesting places to visit in the Twin Cities is the Bakken Museum, located on just off of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Earl Bakken is credited for creating the first wearable, batter powered, cardiac pacemaker and is a co-founder of Medtronics. The pacemaker is one of several medical devices and other important electronic equipment that is housed in the museum. If you visit the Twin Cities some day in the future, schedule the museum on your list of places to see.

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April 12, 2008

Attack Of The Snow Storm

well, we may be getting snow up here in the Twin Cities, but this photo is not from the latest round of snow. It was from an earlier storm, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post this one. It's a snow photo, with a splash of color in there, but only a splash. Can you all think spring with me now? Someone start the chant with me "here we go spring time, here we go" "here we go spring time, here we go"....someone put that ground hog away before he sees his shadow again!

Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche: Series Tied 1 - 1

April 11, 2008

Guess Who's Back? Back Again....

Another winter snow storm hits the Twin Cities area. Winters back, winters back, winters back....weeeeeeee! There's another movie sequel in the Twin Cities titled "Winter Strikes Back". The winter season around here in the Twin Cities has officially been renamed "The winter that wouldn't go away".

Yes, that's right, it's nearly mid April, snow is falling once again. We've had just about everything imaginable today: wind, rain, hail, ice pellets, snow, sleet, thunder, lightning. There was times where you could see rain, ice, snow, sleet all falling at once...it's been an amazing day for weather. Now here is the best part about our weather, let me get the latest high temperature forecast for the next week:

Friday: 34
Saturday: 39
Sunday: 50
Monday: 65
Tuesday: 70
Wedensday: 68
Thursday: 72

Yes, from snow to 70 degrees in a matter of days. Ya gotta love this winter, eh Minnesotans?

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April 10, 2008

Game One, NHL Playoffs, Wild versus Avs

Game One, NHL Playoffs, Minnesota Wild versus Colorado Avalanche Despiting skating and playing really good, the Minnesota Wild found themselves trailing 2-0 after two periods of play. I was in attendance for Game One of the series. I split my Wild season tickets with two other people, and we are alternating the playoff games. The crowd was very energetic, very loud, very enthusiastic during the contest. Down by two goals, the Wild rallied to tie the game with goals by Rolston and Fedoruk. The game went into overtime, but Colorado scored the game winning goal at almost the half way point in the first over time period. A tough loss, a fun game, time to work harder for Game Two.

The main shot was taken between periods, the smaller middle shot was after a Wild goal, the camera shot was a behind the scenes look at the camera crew from my seats.

Game One, NHL Playoffs, Minnesota Wild versus Colorado Avalanche Game One, NHL Playoffs, Minnesota Wild versus Colorado Avalanche Game One, NHL Playoffs, Minnesota Wild versus Colorado Avalanche

April 9, 2008

Entrance To The Hamm Building

The entrance to the Hamm Building which was featured in yesterday's post. I've always like the very large light fixtures attached to each side of the entrance.

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April 8, 2008

Hamm Building

The Hamm Building in downtown St Paul The Hamm Building, originally owned by the Hamm Brewing family, was built in 1919 [though I've researched 1915 and 1920 as the built date]. The building rests on the original site of the St Paul Cathedral where there is a natural spring well, perfect for hand crafted beer. The Hamm Building is now on the National Register of Historic Places. From the documents I've read, the building housed one of the city's biggest illeagal gambling operations in the late 1920's to early 1930's. Today, the Hamm Building's main function is office space.

April 7, 2008

One More From Hamlet Park

Another shot of the walking path in Hamlet Park. I was trying to get both sides of the path in this shot.

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April 6, 2008

It's This Pattern

Looking up at the ceiling at the Mall Of America, just outside the Macy's store. At the Mall Of America in Bloomington, this is the ceiling you'd see if you looked up outside the anchor store of Macy's. It would also be the southwest corner of the complex.

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April 5, 2008

It's A Madhouse

Driving during a blizard Now I'm sure you've always wondered, unless you're from the Twin Cities, what it's like to drive through a snow storm....Wonder no longer. I risked myself, with plenty of distance between the car in front of me, to take this action shot of a snow storm just for you warm climate people. Remember, I'm a professional snow storm driver....do not try this at home.

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April 4, 2008

Thank You Minnesota Wild

Tonight the Minnesota Wild clinched their first ever Northwest Division Title. What an exciting game and you have no idea how awesome it was to be there as it happened. I brought my camera to the game to take some photos for the Twin Cities Daily Photo site. Wouldn't you know it, I had dead batteries in my camera. I want to thank the couple that gave me their batteries as they exited their seats so I could take a few photos.

Tonight was fan appreciation night. The Minnesota Wild gave away a lot of prizes, plus the players gave their game jersey's to selected fans. You got to meet the player and he signed the jersey for you. It was a night to remember.


Minnesota Wild Fan Sites

Wild View From Section 216
Hitting The Post
Wild Puck Banter
18,568 Reasons Why....

April 3, 2008

Frozen Seats

Snow covered picnic table Dear Blogger....

Please let my entry post today.

Thank You!

April 1, 2008

Theme Day: Water

The Theme Day for April is 'water'. The photo I've selected was a fun one to take. That is my son jumping into the water. He was jumping off of a rock into one of the lakes in the BWCA. The height from the rock to the water was about three to four feet. This gave me a great vantage point to take this shot. I believe this was my sixth attempt to get the capture I was looking for. My son was more than willing to jump into the water, wouldn't you if you were nine years old?

There are many more cities participating in today's theme day photo. Please stop by their photo sites and say hello. Let them know that Slinger from Twin Cities Daily Photo sent you. Do give everyone around the world a chance for their timezones differences to see all of the city photos.

Making a splash, jumping into a lake.
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