August 4, 2023

Thunderstorm Wall Cloud

If I had a wider camera lens, it would have told a bigger story. However, trust me that this was one impressive looking wall cloud.

May 24, 2023

Cemetery Discovery


Back in the 1960's, when McDonalds built their store next to Atkinson Cemetery, it was completely covered with trees, brush and was not recognizable that it was a cemetery. The city took control of the plot of land in the 1980's, cleaned up the site and discovered it was a lost cemetery. Makes for one of my favorite places to photograph in Cottage Grove. 

February 3, 2023

DIY Snow Castle

My wife and I can be found walking in our neighborhood, two or three times per week, since the walking track at Park High School's Activity Center closed, due to Covid. It has yet to reopened. Some of our walks, we are amazed with our neighborhood finds. 

A couple blocks down and around the corner from my home, one of the neighbors has created this ginormous, DIY snow castle. We first saw this structure when they were working on the third layer. I can confirm there are plywood boards used in the snow castle to help with support. The fourth layer was new to us this week. We unfortunately did not dress warm enough for the 13 degree temperature, so it was a quick walk. 

I would estimate this is 40-45 feet tall.

January 30, 2023

Stillwater Lift Bridge Walking Path


Walking over the Stillwater Lift Bridge in the winter months can be very chilly. If the winter winds are blowing across the St Croix River, or any direction to the bridge, my oh my it's a difficult walk across. 

January 27, 2023

Tunnel Of Lights

This capture is from a year ago in Stillwater. In the background is the Stillwater Lift Bridge and this light display was wonderful addition to the street leading up to the bridge. Today, the street is currently under construction and will be something different soon. Hopefully the plan is to remove the street and make the area more useful for people.

January 25, 2023

It's Still Snowing

Good times here in Minnesota. It won't stop snowing.

January 18, 2023

Gopher Women's Basketball

We were at the Gopher Women's Basketball game this past Sunday. They took on the Fighting Illini of Illinois. The Gophers were defeated 70-57. I would guess it's been about ten years since I was last in Williams Arena and certainly did miss watching games in person. Will definitely need to make a return visit this season. 

January 9, 2023

Snow Fest 2023

I believe we received 15.5" inches of snow in my city. It was enough to camouflage the mailbox. My work gave us a snow day and that was a great way to welcome in the new year. 

January 3, 2023

Christmas Cutout Cookies


It's our family tradition to make Christmas cutout cookies for all of the gatherings. This is our 2022 batch.

December 23, 2022

Winter Scenery From My Door Step

I do post this shot quite often in the winter months. It's always a unique scene.