August 8, 2022

Round House Revisited

This is my second time photographing the round house in Hastings. The first time I posted a photo of this house, it was my fifth post ever on my photoblog. Way back on April 30, 2006. That really goes way back. The house looked a little plain back then, but maybe that was because it was a springtime photo. 

Here is a link to my 5th Post:

August 5, 2022

River Walking Path

The left path is for walking, the right path is for biking. I certainly prefer the divided grass path between the two versus a painted white line. During my walks where we share the path, I venture over the white line quite often and get reminded every time.

August 3, 2022

Tugboat Itasca

Measuring in at 65 feet in length, Tugboat Itasca pushes downstream in the Mississippi River

August 1, 2022

Downtown Patios

It's not a large patio by any means. When you live downtown St Paul, and you have this extra space, what a beautiful space it has become. 

July 29, 2022

Lake Rebecca

Lake Rebecca, which is attached to the Mississippi River in Hastings. 

July 27, 2022

Red Daylilies In Bloom

My Red daylilies have bloomed as of last week. Some years they are the last to bloom, other years, my Stargazer Lilies are the last to bloom. This year, they are second to last. 

July 25, 2022

80th Street Tunnel

The tunnel under 80th Street in Cottage Grove is one of my favorite walking paths in my neighborhood. Once through the tunnel, the path leads through the valley of homes, and to the end of this path. Mainly this area is to collect the rainfall. Behind me, there are multiple ways you can walk, which is why we like going this way.  

July 22, 2022

The Royal Club


I had a sore shoulder to begin the work week, but I left work early Friday to play18 holes at The Royal Club in Lake Elmo with my local group of friends. On the 8th hole, I tweaked my shoulder, then played the 9th in pain. So I decided to start taking photos, instead of golfing the back nine. Sore shoulder and all, it was still much better than being at work. 

July 20, 2022

Randy Houser Stole The Show

Randy Houser was the surprise performance of the evening for me. They opened before Alabama took the stage and my oh my, they were outstanding! Soulful voice, bluesy, country, powerful. My wife and I love the performance. The crowd at one point was chanting, Randy! Randy! Randy! I believe I knew one of his songs, but definitely not his name. If you ever get a chance to see Randy Houser, don't hesitate, just go see him. 

July 18, 2022

Lakefront Music Fest Crowd

One of the performing artist on the night said there was over 18,000 people in attendance. This crowd shot is a small portion of the people. It's essentially one side of the grounds and doesn't include the people near the stage, nor the center or other side.