February 28, 2010

Go On, You Can Have It

It's a free couch for the taking. I've gotta say, I've never seen a couch thrown up, high on a snow bank with a "free" sign attached to it before. It really stood out to me and thankfully I had my camera by my side.

February 27, 2010

Corvette Pan Out

At the request of Mirela of Zagreb Daily Photo, I'm posting a broader photo of Thursday's Corvette Stingray. This unfortunately is the biggest photo I have of the Corvette.

February 25, 2010

Corvette Stingray

Hopefully a Corvette Guru can leave a comment on the year of this Stingray, I'm unsure by what's available in the photo. I captured this from the 2006 Car Craft Summer Nationals held at the State Fair Grounds. The candy apple red with the pearl coat gave the fender a really awesome look.

February 24, 2010

Soldiers And Sailors Cemetery

This cemetery is in Hastings along the bluffs. I've passed it several times, but the day I took the photo, the tree was very inviting. Was not very pleased with the brightness and contrast of my capture, so I will return here in the future. Plus, I haven't researched this cemetery and this will give me an excuse to do so.

February 23, 2010

Ice On A Stick

A nice ice formation collecting on a branch as the snow melted down.

February 21, 2010

Through The Fog

Time for a capture from another photographer in the family. Today's photo is the first from my daughter. She has captured downtown St Paul through the fog, smoke and everything else in between.

February 20, 2010

Roadside View

one more contribution from njc from last weekends fabulous snow/fog

February 19, 2010

Frosting Trees

We had a very interesting snow storm, furies, fog, fluffy, very light, not much of anything really roll through town last weekend....oh what a sight mother nature left for us. Trees were frosted from top to bottom. I've seen people take a photo like this and make a negative of the photo which makes the trees look like this. This photo is the real deal. I gave my son the camera while I was driving as he had the best view on his side of the car. He captured a couple of decent shots along our journey....

February 17, 2010


Is it me, or does the frozen water over the waterfall look like it could be melting or dripping candle wax?

February 16, 2010

Purple Sky

The colors for this one turned out rather odd. The sun had set, maybe 20 minutes ago. Cloudy sky, street lights on and freshly fallen snow. Exposure was only 1.6 seconds, but the photo turned out very bright for how dark it was at the time. Gotta love snow brightening everything up like it does....

February 14, 2010

Stairs Closed Again

Same location as yesterday's photo, but a completely different view.

February 12, 2010

High Rise

An swc contribution photo today. Having the two hot air balloons in the frame, each with iconic symbols of our country, has quite a message.

February 10, 2010

Bring Your Shovel

Snow is piling up everywhere....

February 9, 2010

We've Got Snow, Yes We do, We've Got Snow, How Bout You?

So yeah, we also have some snow here in the Twin Cities. Nothing unusual like those states on the East Coast are getting right now. We're prepared for this type of weather. We have plows that move the snow off of the roads. We have trucks that spread salt on the roads to melt what the plows couldn't remove. We don't usually shut the state down during 97% of our snow storms. Blizzard conditions, yes....three day snow storms without blizzard conditions, not a chance!

That right, this current snowstorm started falling Sunday afternoon. It continued through the night, all day Monday and it's now Tuesday and yes, it is still snowing. When I made it to work Monday morning, I noticed the snow was piling up on the roof entrance to the back building. The height of snow surprised me to say the least. Later in the afternoon, I that height had grow to the top of the roof. I tried to capture a photo as you can see below, but it was snowing so hard at the time, the snow, sky, falling snow all blended in. Trust me, the snow has reached the top of the roof.

February 8, 2010

Quiet Night

A quick peek into Rice Park, downtown St Paul. It looks a bit quiet around here at the time of the photo, but I believe I just hit it right for the photo to give it that appearance.

February 7, 2010

Mudcat Grant

Captured a photo of "Mudcat" Grant at the Twins Fest last weekend. He was a former pitcher for the Minnesota Twins from 1964 to 1967, he also played for six other teams during his career. Unfortunately, after this photo, my camera batteries died and that was the end of my photos for the day....

February 6, 2010

TwinsFest 2010

Made a trip to TwinsFest 2010 last weekend. It's an event put on by the Minnesota Twins baseball club. TwinsFest is one of the largest team-run fan festivals in professional sports, is an annual fundraiser for the Minnesota Twins Community Fund. Since its inception in 1989, TwinsFest has raised more than $3.9 million for programs and organizations supported by the Twins Community Fund. I attended TwinsFest back in it's first year of 1989 and also 1990, but had not returned until this year to bring my son, he enjoyed the trip to the dome. We rode the light-rail from the Mall Of America to the Metrodome to make the trip just a bit different than driving a vehicle.

February 4, 2010

1952 White Truck

This truck caught my eye during the city of Afton 4th of July parade, it's a 1952 White Truck. I did a bit of research and originally I thought it was a 1948, though I overlooked the license plate of this truck that had "1952" written on it. So I'm going with 1952. I really don't know much about White trucks. I didn't spend too much searching, but I kept going back to a lot of antique websites that had some info on them.

February 2, 2010


Looking at today's photo, it appears as if I am the only one in the building. I took this one at the end of the Minnesota Wild's Kids Club event. I guess I was lucky that the seats were empty when I snapped this one.

February 1, 2010

Theme Day: Wood


Hello to all and welcome back if it's been a month since you were last here for the last CityDailyPhoto theme day. For this months theme of 'wood', the photo I've selected was a project grandpa, my son and I made for Cub Scouts. For those of you not familiar with Cub Scouts, each year we race a wooden car made of wood, plastic tires and a bit of imagination on the car creation. For this car, we glued on extra wood to the sides to make the car appear wider. Used a bit of wood filler on the front hood and a lot of sanding to make it smooth as can be. Several paint coats later, we had our finished product.

To see additional theme day photos around the world, stop by the portal page for a convenient thumbnail view of all participants. As the time zone changes each hour, more photos will be added.