August 30, 2006

Down Hill From Here

As you turn off Kellogg and turn south onto I believe it's Jackson Street, you're passing the downtown St Paul post office on the left, you'll find an entrance under railroad bridge, through the narrow opening just big enough for vehicles with no room to spare and make your way turning right onto Sheppard Road and left to Warner Road. Deep breath, that was a long sentence. What you cannot see in the photo is the Mississippi River blocked by the rail bridge. The shiny mirrored building was originally a government building, but it is now owned by Comcast Cable company.


Meg said...

You, dear sir, always come up with a snappy title.

Kate said...

Slinger, The shiny building is worth a photo itself; it's quite impressive in the sunlight. Had to smile; the auto going downhill looks absolutely ancient, doesn't it?

Steve Cuddihy said...

Thanks Meg, I've tried from day 1 to make the title something a little extra than just the name of the building or what it I'm shooting that day.

Yep, I've been looking at that shiny building and how to photograph it, there is just so many ideas and so many ways with the location it is in that one could take a photo of it. It's quite a change from what used to be there before that building was there.