March 6, 2007

Wait For It, It's Almost Here

With all of the snow received over the winter, I've forgotten just how wonderful it will be once the weather warms. This photo was taken late in the spring of 2006 while driving along Sheppard Road just outside of downtown St Paul. The bluffs to the left, Mounds Park hosts a small lighthouse type tower. Which is hardly noticeable at the distance of the photo, but it is there and in working order for the St Paul airport which is just across the Mississippi River on the right side of the photo.


Dsole said...

and this is a really nice shot!
What a lovely road to drive by!

Deb said...

Is the cover photo on your 2007 calendar taken from Mounds Park?
I've never been up there, but judging by both photos, it looks like a beautiful place to enjoy views of St. Paul!

Steve Cuddihy said...

you are correct, it is mounds park and does sport an amazing view of the area.