June 23, 2007

Natures Bug Zapper

Another photo from the storm that rolled through the Twin Cities a couple of days ago. This was a storm that produced a lot of large sized hail, anywhere from nickel size to softball sized hail. Thankfully, the hail damage was no where to be found in my city. However, the cities north and south received hail. As I was taking photos of the passing storm, I managed to capture a bit of lightning in one shot. It's nothing spectacular, but I will count this as my first lightning shot I've ever taken.

My 4 Daily Photo Favorites
Ocean Township, New Jersey
Budapest, Hungary
Cologne, Germany
Auckland, New Zealand


Kunterbunt said...

Oh dear, that looks very dramatic. Good luck that nobody has been hurt and nothing bad has happened.

Steve Buser said...

Great lighting shot. Had a friend one time who had a whole collection of lightning shots -- a lot of work and skill goes into capturing those. I can only aspire.

Josy said...

I've always admired lightning shots... I haven't tried one myself yet, but I'm pretty certain my shutter finger isn't fast enough. Good capture!

...And thanks for the note of favoritism!