August 28, 2008

Republican National Convention Sept 1-4

Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, September 1-4 The big news in the Twin Cities happens next week from September 1-4 when the Republican National Convention moves into the Xcel Energy Center. Right now, the Democrats are having their turn in Denver. I've been following the protests outside of the convention in Denver mainly. I do plan on taking photos during the RNC, but I'm starting to worry about being around the negative environment. It's a rare photo event and I'm finding myself losing confidence in getting out there.

I was reading a local Twin Cities blog about taking photos at the RNC, this reply is what has me worried. Keep in mind, this is worst case scenario

1. stay close to the cops (even in this day and age, you're safer around them than in the crowd)
2. if you have goggles, take them. if not, consider getting some
3. take a water bottle and a couple of rags... not for drinking, but for soaking the rag in case the tear gas starts flying
4. try to have someone go with you to watch your back... when you've got your face pressed against the back of the camera, it's not easy to see the bottle flying your way
5. know your exits
6. be prepared to lose your equipment (one tv cameraman got between the kkk and a group of protestors and had to use the camera as a shield)

this is all worst case scenario kind of stuff, but it's better to be prepared.

So do I still go? Do I need to worry?


Joel said...

Good job wanting to cover the history! I have no advice for a protest of that size though. I think it's sick that they'll protest war but get violent to promote the cause. Curious.

Be safe, but get some good pictures!

laurie said...

i'm trying to decide the same thing.