September 16, 2008

Saint Louis, Missouri Road Trip

This past spring, my daughter had a school project that was due. Every child in her class was assigned a United States monument or historic place to give a report on, plus they had to make a model of what they were assigned. My daughter was given the task of reporting on the Saint Louis Gateway Arch. Parents were encouraged to help their child with their report and model creation. I was excited to help. My daughter presented a model of the Gateway Arch and gave her verbal report to her classmates. Then all of the classes models and reports were on display one evening for all of the parents to see.

At the end of the summer, wifey and I decided that we should take the family down to see the arch in person. Give a bit of realism to my daughters project that she and I worked so hard on. So at the end of August, we made our way south of the Twin Cities, all the way down to St Louis, Missouri.

Now I've visited the Saint Louis Photo Blog many times since they started posting photos and I've seen many photos of the Gateway arch, including the Thursday Arch Series. I've at times wondered why so many photos of the arch. After visiting Saint Louis and seeing the arch in person, I found myself taking many photos of the arch. I now understand the joy of taking photos of the arch. It's such a dominating piece of the downtown area plus all of the weather and sunlight reflections. A very fascinating piece to photograph. The arch is 630 feet tall, 630 feet wide and is the tallest structure in the area. Until I saw it up close, the size of this man made structure was hard for me to visualize.



Anonymous said...

Interestingly, there's a Twin Citites connection here...

The arch was designed by Eero Saarinen, whose work is the subject of the current show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Nice photo! I've never been there myself!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I enjoyed all of your Saint Louis posts and photos. Thanks for sharing.