January 14, 2009

How Was Your Morning Commute?

For those of you who have no morning commute, I am jealous. For those who commute in the Twin Cities Metro Area, Tuesday was a joy. My 23 mile venture to work today was a bit different after yesterday's snowfall and this mornings wake up temperature of -14 F. Only took me an extra 30 minutes, but I have a few alternate routes I can take once I am over the river bridge. The first five miles of my commute took me about 40 minutes, the last 18 miles was much quicker. After passing four cars in the ditch in the first four miles of my trip I decided to get my camera out for some photos as I was expecting more. I personally saw 13 cars in the ditch today, three of them were over turned. Most of these are poor quality shots, but I had to drive a bit more cautious today with the slippery conditions.

From the news reports, there was 360 accidents reported today. I'm guessing that number includes the spin outs and cars in the ditch too? That is a very high number, even with the snow. The sudden drop in below zero temperatures really forced people to slow down, or at least those who realized it before it was too late.



Lynette said...

Golly! What a cold mess y'all are having. I'm thankful, so thankful, for my walking, mass transit commute.

airplane5312 said...

I saw three accidents on the way to work, and these weren't just fender benders. Tried to get a shot of one passing by, but the picture turned out more psychedelic than real.

Ellen Mint said...

Damn, this winter has just been hell all over the place.

I'm also gathering up links to other blogs doing the Picture 365 thing and I wanted to add yours.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

Hmmmm...Electric Fire and Security van...I know those guys...hope they're okay. Good, but haunting, shots of this day. I know my maintenance man drove from St.Paul to here and it took 2 hours. Awful.