July 25, 2009


Why Underdog for the title you may be asking? Oh if only he had both arms in the air, he would match perfectly with the Underdog t-shirt he is wearing....all kidding aside, I believe his name was Captain Pottery. Could be wrong, but I cannot recall what name he was using. He is from the Afton 4th of July parade, which I've posted several photos from during this month of July.

Additional information can be found at Mudslinger Pottery, stop by his website and say hello.


Sail said...

Captain Mudslinger -
Great photos - I'm sending you a link to my other years. I realize this is way past the 4th, but fun to look at.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Awesome. Glad you found your way here to my photos. I've linked your site now this post.

Thanks again for stopping by.