May 1, 2011

1200 Club

A broader view of the Burnsville Bowl sign. A broader view of the Burnsville Bowl sign from April 20. Also attached to the bowling center was the 1200 Club. From Joey via the comments for that day, the Burnsville Bowl has been sold and has a new name. Thankfully I've captured the sign before it changes.


Todd Swank said...

I love that place!!!

Joey said...

My source was Bill at Lazy Lightning. Here's his post on the business change from back in October:

He spoke with the new owner, Mattie's Lanes, Sports Bar & Grille. They say for now they're going to keep the sign. It looks like it's been open since around November or December and is still undergoing updates.

Thanks for the picture! I hope they stick with their current plan and keep the sign up. It would be a shame to see it removed.

Steve Cuddihy said...

What a great article, thanks for the follow up.