January 1, 2013

Theme Day: Photo Of The Year

In essence, this is my personal favorite photo I took during the 2012 calendar. The historic First Avenue nightclub in downtown Minneapolis was newly painted since the last time I photographed it a couple years ago. I was on my way back to my vehicle and loved this angle of the building. I'm not sure if this is considered the back of the building or the side, but I really liked having the skyscrapers as the backdrop. Such a contrast from the two level brick building with the all glass mega-structures.

Normally I have a link for you to view the other Theme Day participants, but it looks like there is no official theme day for January. Here is the link to the main website CityDailyPhoto.org. I'm sure others are posting their favorite photo of the year in some fashion.

UPDATE: One of the original CDP bloggers, Gerald of Hyde Daily Photo, has setup a Theme Day site for those who participated in the annual Favorite Photo Of The Year.


Kate said...

It is a great photo! Happy New Year to you, too. Be sure to post this on the linky that Gerald England organized for us!

Gerald (SK14) said...

Skyscrapers are not my favourite view but good to see Kate pointed you to the linky I organised in the absence of an official theme day. Happy New Year to you.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Great choice and wonderful blue sky. Happy New Year !!!

Buck said...

A very cool photo. I too like the contrast of the traditional brick building and the towering modernities behind. Happy 2013!