January 17, 2007

Post number 215!!

I know, I should have said something when it was post 200, but hey, I want to be different and I figured 15 post later would do the trick. Did it work? Okay, in reality, I am posting the same photo as yesterday except, there is a slight difference. I had a vehicle travel through the photo and you can see the head lights from the vehicle. Or perhaps I should say I posted the wrong photo and today I wanted to post the photo I intended to post? Hummm, that doesn't sound right either. Okay, how about this, I liked both photos and couldn't decide which photo to post, so I decided to have a repost, but with the streak of light in the photo, plus the head lights shining on the snow as it passes. What's odd is, you cannot see a glimpse of any type of vehicle that passed during the six seconds the shutter was opened. Yesterday's photo is so clear and today's photo has a touch of a blur, but the streak of light just sets it apart, so you see where my dilemma lies? Which is the better or the two photos as the both have such slight unique characters.


Lisi said...

post #215 instead of 200! good idea and sure makes it different...also, this is a nice photo, very tranquil and beautiful!

Gerald (SK14) said...

Well at least there doesn't seem to be any skidmarks but then you don't live on a hill with a couple of bends!