February 19, 2007

A Quick Visit To Prospect Park

Last year back on August 28, 2006 I posted a distant sky shot of a tower that I'd always seen, but never was close enough to figure out what it was. A local blogger thought it was Prospect Park which it turns out to be correct. Another local blogger commented a few weeks later that it was a water tower to the neighborhood. Even looking at the tower today, it's hard to believe that it's holding gallons of water inside. The tower is close to the Minneapolis, St Paul border and just off of University Avenue. The tower is open to the public once or twice a year for observation and I'm told you can see quite a distance from up there.


Olivier said...

beau paysage, j'aime beaucoup cette tour dans le parc

beautiful landscape, I like much this tower in the park

Kate said...

I TOLD YOU it was Prospect Park; glad you believed me and took a second look. I've always fantasized about owning one of those delightful old homes. Your photo is wonderful! Tip: There's a small little restaurant there on one of the residental streets that is wonderful. Go find it!!

Deb said...

I read recently (or imagined?)that the Tower was also originally intended as use for band concerts...but was only used once. The only way to the top is a winding staircase...and the instrument-toting musicians were well-winded by the time they reached the top. Bad idea I guess.
So, is Prospect Park considered Minneapolis or is it St. Paul??

Steve Cuddihy said...

Yep, thanks Kate, you were certainly correct. I would have linked your St Paul blog, but I didn't want to send people to a temporary inactive blog.

Chris, I looked on the map, it is in Minneapolis by about two city blocks.

The homes in this area have a lot of character and have been around for quite some time. I wanted to explore this area some more, but I was very pressed for time that afternoon.

Annie said...

Being perched on a hill makes it extra tall. I would love to go there, look out over the cities.