February 11, 2007

Run To The Hills

I'm headed east on 70th Street in Cottage Grove. The people standing on the left side of the road are all sliding down the hill. Many of them are parents with their children as the location of the sliding hill is that close to the road. Everyone usually slows down if they are familiar with the road. It's not that great of a sliding hill for the kids, but it's always used every winter as one of the main sliding hills in Cottage Grove.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of winter and snow. We got plenty of snow here in Ohio where I live. I am trying to figure out if this is one way to share photo experiences with others. My place is not a blog but a website. http://www.oldmanlincoln.com/ then click on photographs. I may not be close to being good enough but I have been taking pictures since 1953 and the only difference is I now use a Canon digital camera. Thanks for reading this and sharing beautiful photographs.

delightful-d said...

Thank you for posting this photo! To be honest, I've been waiting and wondering if you would post on the famous sledding hill. My sister lives 1/2 mile from there (that is why your blog is so interesting to me, plus I grew up in IGH). Anyway, we've taken our children sleddig here. It is a great hill! Lots of memories were made!
Slip sliding away!
Thanks for sharing!

A Slice of My Life said...

The thought of sliding down a hill that close to the freeway scares the rats out of me! But then again,not having grown up in snow country, I'm a bit leary of sledding at all...can you tell?

Bl@ck Coffee said...

This a great "from the car" pic. Composition is solid.