June 25, 2007

Redneck Waterslide

There it was on this hot and sultry day. 90 plus degree temperatures, sweltering sun, hardly a cloud in the sky. Here I am putting a plastic slide into a small child's swimming pool full of water. Then this thought went through my head....This is like one of them emails you open up, the subject reads "redneck photos". You look at the photos of the most bizarre situations and just shake your head and laugh at the fools in the photos. I look to my wife and said something along the lines of...."I've just made a redneck water slide, I've got to go get my camera".

It was my daughters idea to wear the goggles sliding into the pool of water. Now the best part....her hair never got wet! Please do not laugh at us too much.

My 4 Daily Photo Favorites
Geulph, Ontario
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Chandler, Arizona
Joensuu, Finland


isa said...

Can't help it! But I'm laughing at you, not your darling daughter.
Her goggles...well, I can see where she get her sense of humour from ;-)

If you are unfamiliar with a caged lanai,I've updated my post today.
No, we do not get hail often, but we do lose roof tiles during hurricanes!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Love to see kids get happy in Summer :-)


A goog a simple way to have fun

b.c. said...

oh, this one is good. I really love the goggles too, adds a nice touch! (thanks for putting my "eye on you" in your daily faves...)

btw, I am laughing...